Thursday, November 22, 2012

A RIDICULOUS so call , called HOME ..


 Yeah . As you can see the entry title .. Its about my holiday at my hometown . Not such a long time me went here . My life here is ridiculously ORDINARY this holiday . SERIOUSLY . There's nothing much to do (or actually, it was me who doesn't want to do anything). ME wake up in the morning at nine . Watching TV . Eating breakfast . TV again . Eating again . TV again and wasting my whole day in my room that ridiculously HOT during the day and ridiculously COLD during the night . Not an exciting holiday, isn't it ?
  So this IS the so called . MY Home ~

The one that me took care during holiday


This bring back the memories in my childhood . Ridiculously BAD day . Ridiculously make me hurt so much (not too much) . ROFL .

The tree that raped my left leg VIRGINITY . LOL

Last thing I've done at home . The thing I loved the MOST !! Its The COOOOOOOOOoooooKING ! Haha ~ There they go .. My own cooking recipe . I just love to do it this way :) . wheee ~

Fried Fish with Oyster Ketchup Sauce

Double C (Cabbage & Carrot) and a FC (FishCake)

 I love home when there's something to do . Like theseee ~ OOOoo I'll missed home . I think so . :D

 So so .. Done with this entry . Ittadakimaaaassuu ~ ~>.<~