Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've got a new thing , called LIFE .

Hello there ~ 

I'm new here , so I just wanted to Introducing My new LIFE . :)

 MerdekaRaya Night event

From the left, up : Evangel Lulan Sampson, Nurhayati Mokhtar ( Class leader ), Norshela Sudirman, Viviana Henry, Evyen Wevan Jebrail, Nur Fitriyanah Mail
From the right, down : Schena Sergius, Cindy Christoper, Me !

Its ME there . With my beloved KMLians friend . They are my classmates . The BC0iT0i . I'm 18 this year . I'm now taking the BioChemist course (or something like Biology and Chemistry, plus the Computer Science subject).  Its not that I wanted to , but I have to . Where should I go, if its not KML ?

KoKum event
From the left : Ahmad Faiz Hamir, Muhd Syafiq Affandi, Sylvester Lytton Seah Ziqian, Movin Mokoi
Seriously , they are the only MEN in our class . Since it was BIOLOGY course , so it doesn't surprising at all.

There there ~
 done with the intro . jyeah !