Monday, June 24, 2013

the Talk of LOVE

Our Talk of LOVE. Some may feel annoyed. But, this is My Life, My Story, so why should bother? (even though I wrote it here, This is my way to express my feeling. Stop judging and just read)

- I can live without you, but it will never be the same. My heart will have an empty space. That's you, that stay in my heart but have to leave without my will.

- I may found another woman in my life but i will never find someone like you. You already become a part of my life. I need you and I want you very much.

- My half heart are belongs to you my dear. My biggest fear is losing you.

- You're the best my love.
I can't do much. What I can do is to make you smile & happy as long as we are together. I don't want to make you sad, even I know that, I'm the one that always make you cry.

- I cry, because I love you so much! not because you hurt me, but I just scare if you leave me. That make my heart ache so much sayang.

-  I know that we can't be together but I will not leave you in a bad way. I'll talk to you & share with you. I don't want to leave you just like that cause you are the one i really want & I feel sad that I can't have you for my whole life

- Papa, you're all I ever wanted. Not just anyone, but YOU. You make me feel being loved, being appreciate. You always want me happy, no matter what. I want someone like you. If possible, I want YOU. ONLY YOU!

- We share the same feeling my love. I feel really being appreciate by you. I really want you to be mine and always be mine. If I have the power to make you mine forever I'll do it now.

- Papa, do you think our love story will be long-lasting? Until when? Are we will be apart?

- Yea. It will long-lasting but I don't know till when & it is the hardest thing and the worst thing to happen which is, we will be apart in order to marry other person.